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Morgan Ladies Cross Functional Fitness Olympic Barbell - 15 Kg

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The Morgan CFB bar is the first ladies barbell built specifically for functional fitness athletes.  We have tested it against the day-to-day abuse of heavy training and it's proven to last.
The bar shaft is made from precision ground alloy steel and the strength of the shaft is tested with every shipment of raw material to ensure we have a consistent 195,000 PSI tensile strength. This attention to detail also allows for an excellent whip and long-term performance of our bars.  The shaft is finished in Black Harden Chrome and the sleeves are also in hard chrome for added durability and corrosion resistance and feature a crisp knurl pattern with just the right amount of tack.
The bar sleeves are precision machined and each sleeve is coated with hard chrome for protection against dropping and impact. Sleeves rotate around high strength composite bearings used in aircraft and automotive industries for smooth rotation.

Specs 15KG Bar:

✅ Weight: 15KG
✅ Maximum Load: 600kgDiameter: 25MM
✅ Center knurl: No
✅ Tensile Strength: 195K
✅ Sleeve: Precision Ground Steel with a Hard Chrome non-slip coating
✅ System: 4 x Bearing per sleeve
✅ Length: 2010MM
✅ Shaft: Precision Ground Alloy Steel with a Black Harden Chrome coating