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AOK Redcord Elastic - Black - 60cm Pair

Low Resistance

Patented Fast Release Cleat

The redcord rope and elastic accessories are designed to used with one hand to improve efficiency in loading/unloading limbs or body segments. The yachting inspired cleat design allows these to be hung from the Redcord main ropes (infinitely adjustable) leaving a fast release hook on the other end for holding slings, straps or grips. They are also used to limit Range of Motion. They can be used in conjunction with all

slings and ropes used with the Redcord Trainer.

Store using the Redcord Wall Caddy.

Redcord Elastic Cord comes with a hook in one end for attachment of slings, straps and grips. There is a cleat on the other end for attachment to the ropes. The black elastic cords have two lengths, 30 cm and 60 cm, and have the following specs.:

Redcord Elastic Cord, Black 60 cm, one pair
Elasticity Lengthening in %:         33      50      100      150
Resistance (kg):                          4.0     4.7      6.7      8.6

(10% deviation)
✅ To unload/downgrade exercises
✅ To support body parts for the correct execution of the exercises
✅ Easily adjustable with the cleat on the Redcord Rope 5 m.



✅ 1 x Redcord Elastic Cord, Black - low resistance 60 cm (pair)
✅ 1 x Safety Information

Max. load: 20 kg

Material: Polyester/Latex
Cleaning: Machine wash 60º
Thickness: 10 mm
Packaging/weight: 170x230x60 mm/0,3 kg

They are not suitable for use with the Redcord Mini (all variations).

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