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Mani 3 in 1 Bag Stand Combo w/ Bag


This stand is constructed to hold 1 Punching Bag,1 Speed Ball, and a Floor to Ceiling ball. The frame has been designed to bolt to the ground or add weight plates to hold it down to the ground for the safety of our customers and to ensure you have the best exercise experience with the stand not rocking back and forth.

The Stand is for DOMESTIC USE ONLY.

Punching Bag

Strong Viny,
✅ Inner foam lining for a softer feel
✅ Rag Filled
✅ Reinforced stitching at stress points
✅ Industrial strength nylon webbing
✅ 35cm Dia.
✅ Weight approx. 20kg
(Bag color depends on stock availability)

Hand Wrap

✅ Length 4m
✅ STRETCH WRAPS for greater comfort
✅ Complete with thumb loop with hook-and-loop end closure for a secure fit
✅ Colors: Black


✅ Hook and Loop Wrist Wrap Strap
✅ Pre-Curved finger
✅ Lightweight
✅ Size: S, M, L, XL
✅ Colors: Red and white

Reflex Ball

✅ Material- Leatherette
✅ High-quality elastic cord for the greater and faster reflex of the ball.
✅ No patch stitching ( Means no scratches on hands)
✅ High grade double adjustable straps
✅ No dangerous rivets or metal connection
✅ Comes with complete height adjustable straps and rubbers

Speed Ball

✅ Material: Leatherette
✅ Zipper for easy replacement of bladder
✅ New style loop for longer lasting
✅ 10' speedball
✅ Industrial grade bladder

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