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Morgan 3 Tier Elite Kettlebell Rack

The Morgan 3-Tier Kettlebell Rack is a commercial-grade storage system recommended for gyms and serious trainers with home gyms. The rack is constructed in heavy-duty steel and has a low, middle, and high racking system ~ a spacious 3-tier design. This rack can accommodate a complete set of kettlebells with room to spare. This kettlebell rack is extremely strong enough to hold the heaviest kettlebells with commercial strength and home gym price carry over. Includes rubber liners for noise-reduction. This storage system can also hold slam balls and dumbbells. 

✅ Commercial quality kettlebell rack
✅ Made from the strongest commercial grade steel
✅ The rack can support a total weight of 500kg (always put the heaviest kettlebells on the bottom rack to ensure the safety of your clients)
✅ Easy to assemble
✅ A rubber lining on shelves
✅ Pending on the size of the kettlebells, you can load between 15-25 kettlebells on this rack


✅ 60kg net weight
✅ 90cm in height
✅ 1.2 meter in width
✅ 84cm depth