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Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Thai Pads (Pair)

The Morgan B2 Bomber Thai Pads is made of Italian-brushed leather and considered to be the pinnacle of professional Thai Pads. These pads incorporate the hottest innovation in training equipment with exclusive quad-core, multi-layer foam padding, and a sunken hand compartment for enhanced pad control. More than 10cm of four precision placed inner foams and gels - Sponge Comfort Foam, Latex gel, High-Density Impact Absorbing Foam, and Latex Low-Density Protection Foam - creates the most comfortable, impact-absorbing, and durable design. 

The high-tech design has full complement Quad-core foams in the slightly contoured target for ultimate power, performance, and impact-resistance. A full-length sponge foam and perforated forearm pad supply maximum training comfort. Crafted from specially selected 1.1mm Italian-brushed matt leather with an additional removable padded forearm and wrist inserts make these the recommend Thai pads for trainers coaching clients to understand the true art of kicking.

✅ Made from Italian brushed matt leather
✅ Quad-core multi-layer inner padding
✅ Anatomically engineered molding
✅ Latex gel enhanced striking area
✅ Sunken hand compartment for enhanced pad control
✅ Extended padded hook & loop wrist and forearm strap
✅ Hand-stitched and crafted in house
✅ Designed for heavy striking