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Morgan Elastic Knee Wraps - (Pair)

Morgan Elasticated Knee Wraps are designed for maximum knee support, compression, and comfort. These elastic knee wraps are designed to be wrapped around your knees to assist when doing heavy weight training, high repetitions, or provide you with extra joint confidence when attempting to beat your PB’s. These wraps feature a pre-stitched loop that is sewn flat to the end of the wrap, allowing the wrap to be pushed through and slide onto your body like a sleeve. They can be wrapped as tight as you like. With a long velcro attachment, these knee wraps will not come apart in the middle of a workout.

✅ Extra thick and supportive
✅ The strong yet softer material allows comfort for the longest of workouts or lifting sessions
✅ Flat thumb loop for superior fastening and piece of mind
✅ Sold in Pairs