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Morgan Sledgehammer (10Kg)

The Morgan gym hammer is a serious piece of training equipment,  predominantly used for CrossFit training and MMA fighters.  The gym hammer is manufactured from a solid metal,  the morgan sledgehammer is designed for high impact training.  Sledgehammer training is usually done by slamming the hammer into an oversize truck tyre and can be incorporated into workstation training.

✅ Solid metal gym hammer - black smooth finish
✅ Solid metal sledgehammer, designed for high impact training
✅ Perfect for tire slams
✅ Suited for Cross fit training and MMA training


✅ Rotational strength and power
✅ Core strength
✅ An increased dynamic range of motion
✅ Coordination
✅ Learn to transmit force from the ground up through the arms (key quality in most sports)
✅ Enhanced work capacity
✅ Mental toughness
✅ Restoration
✅ Wrist and forearm strength
✅ Multi-planar movement patterns